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Monday, August 23, 2010

1/2 retail + 1/2 network marketing = true residual income

FREE franchise business oppurtunity

An International chained retail store that allow people to make money ,beside buying .Free Franchise concept .The company will pay for rental,renovation ,promotion,air-conditioner,cctv ,plasma tv ,and goods on consignment basis worth usd 100,000 to usd 300,000 .& etc .

The operator (store owner ) only pay for water bill,telephone bill and man power. (I'll show you how to get your phone bill for free)

Household products ranging from head to toe ,personal care ,beauty products ,supplements ,car care ,drinks ,accessories etc.All are quality products from USA ,Japan ,Korea ,Switzerland ,Germany & etc ..

Expanded and operated in 10 countries :

Malaysia , and Singapore ,Thailand ,Indonesia ,HongKong ,Macau ,Taiwan ,

Korea ,Australia ,and Brunei .

In 2010 we will penetrate to USA ,Japan ,U.K and in 2011 ,we will penetrate into China .

Public Listed company in Hong Kong,namely eCosway

Our website :  Use ID Code: US100543A to sign up

Click "Region " find "other", then type in code.

We shall launch officially in USA soon,target stores :20000 to 30,000 .We are in seek of quality operators to operate our store and aggresively promote our brand .

Or alternatively ,Should you be able to introduce quality operators ,you can claim commission from usd 500 to usd 5000 or more depending on the store performance EVERY month per store.

Plus Commisions from other business owners if you build a network of people in this business. ( Creating multiple streams of income) should you need further information ,please feel free to contact me via email below .

Check my 10 minute youtube video on this New Business concept:

If you would like more information please feel free to listen our USA presentation for this exciting busniess at

Looking for a small select few people to start with so hurry and get your spot today!!

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