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Friday, June 18, 2010

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Network Markting Examples

— Check out this video of actor Kevin Spacey explaining the benefits of Network Marketing.

Build network marketing prospects list on the internet network marketing world with Twitter-Build an audience

— Kalpesh Patel Interivews the Legendary Les Brown on his views on how Network Marketing is changing the way people do business today.

Who we choose to associate with in life will predict our future! This affects the quality of our choices we make in life, and our choices are just like a steering wheel in a car they navigate us through our lives!

When we chase our dreams we face trials of Adversity what are YOUR Reasons for Success that will keep you going

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make Money Bartering In this Tough Times

— As you know, you can buy or sell just about anything on Ebay or Craigslist. Now there's a way to get what you want and get rid of what you don't without spending any money!

It's a new trend Consumer Reporter Michelle Buckman has been checking, she says, don't buy it, barter it!

Checkout a website called it helps match people who want something with the people who may have what you want. You can barter just about anything from antiques to Ipods, cars and clothes. Michelle met up with a local jersey guy who uses the site. He says once he started bartering, he was hooked.

Robert Sweetnam said, "I do think Barterquest is a great, easy site to navigate. You post what you have, meaning the things that you're willing to trade and then you go onto another category which is called your wants, what you want and you list and describe what you want. I've gotten a CD for a CD, a CD for a book, a DVD for a CD, I've also traded for board games."

There are high-end trades going on too. Robert's wife had a Ferragamo scarf she received as a gift years ago but never wore, so she put it up on Barterquest. Sweetman added, "she was able to go on and post that she had this designer scarf and she was looking for a designer handbag and lo and behold the trade came up and she was able to get a Prada bag for her Ferragamo scarf."

A Prada bag! If that doesn't get your attention, nothing will! The site is free, you are just responsible for shipping your item. You can also trade services, you'll find lawyers and laborers, chefs and dogwalkers. Robert offered his services as an interior designer, helping someone redecorate an office in exchange for webdesign work on his website.

There are similar websites out there check out where you can trade books, music, dvds and video games. or where, as the name explains you can trade paperback books. The only thing you have to pay for is shipping and the site allows you to print the postage right from your computer!

Not only is this cheaper and less complicated than Ebay or Craigslist, it's a great way to reuse, repurpose and recycle!

— An ancient practice has just received a reboot, as many small business owners have turned to bartering with others in the face of a continuing economic crisis. Jeff Glor reports.

— As the recession deepens, many cash-strapped Americans are turning to a Depression-era tradition. Mark Strassmann has more on the gaining popularity of bartering.

— Recession Brings Bartering Back

Company Completed $2M In Transactions In 2008

May 4, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A bartering boom has hit Central Florida as Orlando-area businesses try to survive in today's economy.

The Barter Network, which began in 2006 and completed nearly $2 million in transactions last year, contains more than 400 local businesses and serves as the broker between businesses looking to trade services. Members pay a 12 percent commission on each transaction, and there are tax implications, but the company provides members with the proper paperwork to ensure trades are done legally.

The company said continued growth is expected.

"We're probably going to double those numbers," said Gene Rankin, sales manager for Barter Network.

Members raved to Local 6 about bartering.

"We've had some amazing services -- from air conditioning to plumbing -- everything a business is going to need," said Lenny King, owner of Salon Zion in Longwood. "It seems right now businesses are linking together, and we have a lot of strength that way."

Members said it's simple to exchange services with another company.

"If there's a printing company in here and I don't have to pay cash out, I can call and say, 'I need more business cards,' or 'I need envelopes,'" said Debbie Wisner of Lisa Maile, an image, modeling and acting School.

Wisner said she's learned to save the agency money after just one month of bartering.

Barter Network members include Westgate Resorts, Royal Caribbean, Clear Channel and local auto repair shops and electricians.

"We're helping (Westgate) with elevators, believe it or not. Security, exterminating (and) advertising is huge with them," Rankin said.

"My favorite thing is that it opens the doors to networking to create that network between businesses you don't always find," King said. "It's just a great opportunity."

I have set up a NO FEES EVER Barter Network for these tough times and if you join I will also send you my FREE BarterWealth ebook.