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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's learn about money by Robert Kiyosaki

 Robert Kiyosaki breaks down the 3 types of income for people!!

Earned (50% taxed)- Job or small busines
Portfolio( 20% taxed)-Investments
Passive (up to 0 % taxed)- Residual income

This is information that all people should know about and learn!!

Robert's breaks down of good debt and bad debt!!

Robert breaks down Assest and Liabilities!!

The types of education that all people need to know.


"...It's become even clearer to me that what Robert talks about and teaches is more important than ever. Financial education is crucial to this country at this point, and Robert's acumen in this area cannot be disputed."

- Donald J. Trump
Robert's program are what I learn about over 15 years ago and I wish I would have put that plan in to action then, I would be very rich today!!  But I am still young enough to make a difference in my life and a brighter future for my children knowing what I know about business and building a good foundation for my family!! One more thing to add is the type of education that Robert talks about is very very important if you are going  to be financial free in the near future!! Take care and come back for more information ! 

This is a good statement to help you become succesful in the near fututre.

Invest in the long term!!

Learn the true meaning about investing and  money!!


A message from Former President Bill Clinton!!

The former president recommends that you get involved in Direct Sales (affiliate marketing) or Network Maketing (building a downline)to grow the country and build a solid future for yourself and your family!!  

Friday, April 16, 2010

Viewsflow - Sponsored Post

Viewsflow -
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Online education to make money at home - Sponsored Post

Online education to make money at home -
one of my favorite books is mutlple streams of income it changed my life for the better

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Free Think and Grow Rich book - Sponsored Post

Free Think and Grow Rich book -
this is a grat book to read it help me out alot and I am building my business because of this book

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Follow The Cup! - Sponsored Post

Follow The Cup! -
This is a good program to win a tv. from!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

What is affiliate martketing?

I been asked "What do you do for a living?" I tell them that I am a Affiliate Marketer and I get blank stares I hate the stares.  So today I am going to explain what an affiliate marketer  is and how you can make money doing it.

What is affiliate martketing?An affiliate marketing is nothing more than selling other people stuff for them(ex. e-books, clothing, toys, candles, health products and many more) Their are thousands and thousands of product and services to promote!

This is why affiliate maketing is so great is that you don't need your own product to sell. There are so many out there and growing everyday!

What is an affiliate marketer? An affiliate marketer is nothing more than a sales person who promote product and service for a commssion. (some as high as 75% of the sale!!)

This how it all works ok

1. Join a Merchant's Affiliate Program ( ex. Clickbank, Amazon, Google, Macy's, Barns & Noble, etc..)

2. Place your affiliate link on your website,social network site,classified or any where you want to promote your link to generate traffic for your business.

3. When someone clicks through your link and buys what you are promoting( fills out a form, fills out their email information or clicks on your banner link.) you are credited the sale ( click, lead, refferal,or invite) and then you make a commission up to 75% of the sale.

4. Once you get your targeted amout that you set with a certain company they will process you payment via payment arrangements.(Ie. check, direct deposit, PayPal, or other means of payment)

There you have it in a nut shell .  Sounds simple enough huh?  It"s really that simple.

The truth is that affiliate maketing is on the rise and it will not stop anytime soon.  With over 1.8 billion people online right now and the number is steady growing. This is the new era in business today. More and more people are shopping online and the earning potential is unlimited.  Some affiliate marketers are making a good living part time from home right now!!

Now to caution you.  Don't make the mistake thinking that you will be a millionaire over night.  That's not true in the least.  With affiliate marketing it will takes some time to get what you are promoting out there for people to see and then buy your product. Sometime it take as little as 6 months to up to 5 years before you see a return on your invested time building your business. Remember this is a business you are your own boss.   So think about it carefully!!  With any business there are other things to consider but I will go into that another time ok. So here is my take on affiliate marketing I hope this information was helpful to say the least.  Remember that I am the "average joe" here trying to make a living using affiliate marketing as a tool to build my fortune .I am giving you the information that I have gather over the last few months from different sources and giving you the "Bone Marrow" of information and tips.  All in all thank you for visting my site and post comments at the bottom.. If you would like more information about affiliate marketing check out my link at  (Affilorama Affiliate Program) it free to sign up and it wll give you tools and tip on how to start and build your affiliate martketing business.

This is a video on what is Affiliate Marketing is all about!! I love how she explain what it is all about this is where I started. I follow her on her blog and get tips and advice for my business as well.  Lisa is great and also follow her on facebook she give weekly tips, help and advice!