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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review Time Review !! My pick of porgrams that made money for me!

— Times of India had launched this LEAD INDIA video, very motivational.. the background track is in Hindi language.. basically the guy is urging the listner to take the first step (positive) and the rest will follow..

Here is my top ten list of programs that have made me money in the past 90 days!

1. ( SFI Affiliates Center) Great program lot of tips and advice to build your online business. It's free to sign up and you get your own online store with products all you do is buy from your store and promote you store to others and get a nice check for your efforts! They help you build your business and it's the fastest growing online business on the web! this is a world wide business in over 200 countries and growing at a fast rate!! New product being added all the time so your store all ways have good product to sell.  Most of all now you can start you own auctions online!! Ebay is getting expensive they give you your own auction site to get people to place items on your site and buyer and seller come to your site and you make an commision all for free! This a good one to get your feet wet if you are just starting out !
2. (Peoplesrting) this programs is awsome! I just use this page as I would use yahoo, google,  or my web search, ect but the best part is that I earn points and make exrta money from their advertisers check out! It's the bomb!

3. ( Blastoff network) This site is great I shop online( with major stores like kmart, best buy, macy's and others) and I get a percentage of the sales I generate and If I get people to join my "downline " and they shop too I get a percentage of thier sales revenue as well down 10 levels!! The online difference is that you are shoping online intead of a store front!

4.  (All Solutions Network) Another great place to shop online! Places like walmart, jewelry direct, lane bryant

5. ( Real Estate Program) This is one of the best programs I found on the subject of real estate! ( clickbank)

6. ( Manget 4 Engery program) This prgrams is to save the earth!  This is  great program if you want to save money over time!  I bought this program and with a little time, I saved myself about 80 dollars a month my goal is to have the Power company pay me! This and the # 7 program made me money this month!!!

7. ( Homemade Energy program) This is another way to save the earth! I bought this program and I have put up solar panels with the help of a friend of mine and it's working great and I have saved my family even more money and recieved a check for 50 dollars from the Power Company! I am hoping to grow that into about $100 per month for something that took me a weekend to do!   Not bad for the two programs that cost me less than $200 (programs and equptment)  Already made me $50, I can't wait to see what I get next month!!

8. ( Tax liens program) Banks have been doing this for years and people still don't know anything about it!This is a good program if you want to make a good return on your investment! I put up some money and bought a couple of tax leins for myself and the county I live in I made 15% on my money and roll that into other tax leins in another state and made even more money up to 36 % on my money! Get real estate for penny on the dollar is not a true statement but get a good return backed by the govenment is a good statement! With a little luck and skill I can make enough money to send my kids to a good college and show them an easy way to invest in their future!

9. ( Wholesale secrets) This programs changed my life in a way never knew!! I never knew anything about  the whole wholesale secrets!  Did you know that you could get name brand stuff for pennies I mean pennies on the dollar!! I surely didn't not until I found this e-book!  There are hundreds of ways to get what ever you want for pennies on the dollar and I do mean anyting!! Did you know that you can contact manufactures and they will send you samples for free or low cost! Imagine getting Baby Phat,  FUBU, Calvin Cline, The Gap clothing for pennies!!  Or how about a 65'" or bigger Flat Screen for less than $900 including shipping!  Check out this site and see, I save my family hundreds of dollars  by getting this book! I will never buy retail again!

10. ( Recission Toolkit) This program save me alot of money! I read the tools and i  perpared myself to weather the storm of this recession! This book gave me some gret advice on how to come out of the recission ahead!

Well that's it my top 10 programs that mave made me money in the last 90 days all these programs together have saved my family hundreds and hundres of dollars each month! I can't save I am going to be a millionaire  but I can say that my outlook it a little brighter. IF any program can save or make you alittle money then I think it is a good program!! Remember it took time to get these programs rolling but once they got rolling I started to see a return on my efforts. So I say to all of you don't give up on your dreams and check back often for my next reviews!

Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs a motivational speaker travels 40 weeks out of the year sharing his story and trying to give inspiration and hope to others.

Take Care, Peace and Love!!

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