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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Product Review (Money savers)

I have a new business that is free to join check it out!!

Love garage sales? We're building the world's largest ONLINE garage sale!

I have found the best eBay alternative auction site.

My story matches thousands who have been let down. Time to take a stand.
* Snatch bargains for pennies on the dollar

* New items added hourly

* Collectibles and hard-to-find items

* Gadgets and gear available nowhere else

* Crazy-priced closeouts

* Sell your own unwanted stuff too for quick cash!

Give it a try with a FREE listing:

1. Fee Hikes for new sellers

2. Paypal force, no more accepting money orders or cash from buyers.

3. 21 Day paypal hold, ship your product anyway then get your money.

4.(DSR) Detailed Seller ratings putting sellers out of business.

5. Can't leave a Non paying buyer/bidder neg feedback anymore.

6. eBay is losing buyers because sellers are leaving the site.

7. New Best match search engine, no one can find your listings.

8. eBay says offer free shipping or you won't be found in keyword search.

9. New phone login verification to spy on your computer IP. Many unwanted solicitation phone calls from eBay.

10. No customer service for billing or buying for that matter.

Here's another great site to save you lots of money!!!!!

Solar power has the ability to change your life.
It's probably the only energy source that can help you…
Save thousands of dollars each year on your utility bill

Cut on fossil fuels (currently accounting for 84.2% of our electricity production)

And claim your independence from the greedy energy fat-cats – by getting off the grid with your own solar panel system!

In fact, getting free electricity from the sun is so amazing... it's no wonder tens of thousands of people across America are already getting off the grid. And they're doing it with home-built solar panels that cost them less than the average monthly utility bill (more on this in a moment).

Click here to find out more!!

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