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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's learn about money by Robert Kiyosaki

 Robert Kiyosaki breaks down the 3 types of income for people!!

Earned (50% taxed)- Job or small busines
Portfolio( 20% taxed)-Investments
Passive (up to 0 % taxed)- Residual income

This is information that all people should know about and learn!!

Robert's breaks down of good debt and bad debt!!

Robert breaks down Assest and Liabilities!!

The types of education that all people need to know.


"...It's become even clearer to me that what Robert talks about and teaches is more important than ever. Financial education is crucial to this country at this point, and Robert's acumen in this area cannot be disputed."

- Donald J. Trump
Robert's program are what I learn about over 15 years ago and I wish I would have put that plan in to action then, I would be very rich today!!  But I am still young enough to make a difference in my life and a brighter future for my children knowing what I know about business and building a good foundation for my family!! One more thing to add is the type of education that Robert talks about is very very important if you are going  to be financial free in the near future!! Take care and come back for more information ! 

This is a good statement to help you become succesful in the near fututre.

Invest in the long term!!

Learn the true meaning about investing and  money!!


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  1. wow.. I love Kiyosaki.. love his book Rich Dad Poor Dad